Perched on a minuscule plastic chair at a roadside cafe 25 miles out of Saigon was to be our first taste of Vietnamese Coffee and was love at first taste.                                                                             

The thick rich flavour of the coffee balanced with the creamy sweetness of the condensed milk served in a ice filled glass was the perfect remedy to the hot, dusty and at times crazy Vietnamese traffic. 

For the next 6 months not a day went by that we didn't indulge in the new obsession of Vietnamese Coffee.


Tiny  plastic chairs obligatory Vietnamese cafe furniture

Tiny  plastic chairs obligatory Vietnamese cafe furniture


Arriving in Vietnam it seemed like a different world. A hustling and bustling Saigon, the air packed with the incredible smell of S.E Asian cooking to a soundtrack of what seemed a million moto's

It was the beginning of a 6 month journey spanning this incredible country, its diversity matched only by that of its coffee. It ignited a passion for bringing the finest of that coffee to UK.