Ginger Tea 24g- Cleaning mind and body tea.

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Ginger Tea 24g- Cleaning mind and body tea.



There is a Vietnamese popular remedy for ginger: “Have ginger in the morning is as healthy as ginseng; Have ginger at night is just like drinking arsenic”. Ginger helps stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, strengthens and accelerates blood circulation, promotes digestion and has antibacterial effects. The combination of ginger and loose tea leaf from the highland is more than an organic medicine; it’s about the art of drinking tea and enjoy life!


Vietnamese green tea + Ginger Slices from Bảo Lộc, Central Highlands of Vietnam

Height above Sea Level: 600-900m  t: 12-22ºC

Usefulness: Detox, For Stomach, For Lungs

Way of brewing (in teapot 500ml):

2tps.  100°C  2 mins.

*All Our Teas are packed into unique individual compressed 24g cubes (City Collection boxes contain 4x individual cubes and the full collection box contains 32x individual cubes)

. This process allows the Tea to retain maximum freshness whilst minimising our Carbon Footprint.

All cubes are hermetically sealed and contain a brewing guide 

These Cubes may look a little small but upon opening you'll realise just how much they pack in

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